What about water-based nail polish?

Unlike synthetic enamel, water-based enamel, as the name implies, is a type of paint that is
totally water-based and more ecological. It dries quickly and is very easy to apply. Which
means you can paint it as much as you like and you can easily fix mistakes.
Enamel paint can be used on metal surfaces in general, wood, plastic (provided that the
correct base is applied) and even walls. The paint is moisture resistant and is perfect for
surfaces that need to be cleaned more often.
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Drying time and smell
Water-based enamel dries faster than synthetic enamel. It takes less than eight hours for final
drying. It dries on the inside first, and even though it feels dry to the touch, it’s hard to tell if
it’s completely dry. It is also easier to clean and remove as it can be washed off with water. The
smell is much milder than synthetic enamel, but it’s still important to keep the area ventilated.
Furthermore, it can have a matte, satin and gloss finish (on this one not as shiny as synthetic
enamel). Plus, it’s durable, doesn’t break, fade or crack. It can be used indoors and outdoors
for furniture, wood, metal and even walls.

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